The Canadian Conference on Student Leadership celebrates the diversity of Canadian leadership programs and practices and acknowledges a shared interest in affirming a national student leadership identity. It offers relevant and engaging programming and networking opportunities, founded in student development and transformational learning principles, to undergraduate students from diverse campus areas. Furthermore, it connects and engages professional staff in discussions on best practices and approaches to student leadership development. It recognizes that the Canadian leadership community will become stronger and more effective through enhanced connectedness and structured opportunities to share and learn together.

The CCSL exists to develop a culture of purposeful leadership engagement. Recognizing that student success encompasses a commitment to intentional and experiential learning, the Canadian Conference on Student Leadership is focused on providing leadership development opportunities that inspire change.


The vision and legacy of the Canadian Conference on Student Leadership is achieved through a sustainable approach to conference programming, host bid/execution process and a large number of well-developed workshops facilitated by diverse student leaders and professional staff from across the country.

Each year, the CCSL will be held in a different part of the country allowing for a new dynamic team of student volunteers to actively engage their peers in leadership learning. The uniqueness of each campus and province will ignite a new leadership theme and feel to the conference allowing for a cultural learning experience for delegates. The CCSL is recognized and respected nationally for its role in shaping and supporting student leadership development.

Delegates gain insight into leadership programs and experiences offered at other institutions, improve on their personal leadership skills, and
are exposed to motivational life stories form highly renowned Canadian leaders.


The Canadian Conference on Student Leadership values student leadership development as an essential component of student success and a holistic experience in higher education.

Everything that is achieved by the Canadian Conference on Student Leadership is shaped by the belief that:

  • all students have the potential and the capacity to lead
  • leadership is defined by action, not position
  • an understanding of self and others will inspire change and growth.


The CCSL is…

Inclusive – it engages diverse and interdisciplinary groups of student leaders from across Canada.

Purposeful – it achieves clear learning outcomes and significantly impacts the learning and development of students and professional staff.

Unique – it offers something valuable that can’t be achieved by individual institutions on their own.

Student Driven – it honours student leadership by putting students in critical decision-making roles, particularly with regards to hosting and implementing the annual conference.