Call for Programs

Thank you to everyone that submitted a proposal! We will be notifying everyone about the status of their proposal via email on Wednesday, October 25th.

The 2017 Theme is Start With Why.

Why should you submit a proposal?
The Canadian Conference on Student Leadership strives to achieve a dialogue amongst student leaders on a multitude of contemporary leadership topics. The conference serves as an opportunity for students to share their experiences, skills, and plans for growth and development with other student leaders from across the country. Student leaders have a wealth of knowledge to share with their peers. The programs of CCSL 2017 will provide the opportunity for student leaders to become engaged in the development of their own skills and that of their peers on a national scale.

How to Submit a Proposal

We encourage you to be creative with your proposals, and to plan to hold the workshop for about 45 minutes in length.

The Programs Committee will be looking for student proposals that that reflect our conference theme, and contemporary topics in student leadership. Successful submissions will highlight leading edge and innovative concepts of leadership, along with skills, tools and experiences that highlight our theme, Start With Why.

So we encourage you to plan ahead.   Write your program proposal in advance using our Proposal Template and copy and paste it into the online submission form.  This will allow you to work through the details of your program over time.  It also enables you to spell check your work before submitting your proposal.  Remember that points are allocated to “Organization” which includes spelling, grammar and thoroughness.

Once ready, Program Proposals must be submitted online no later than October 16, 2017. The Google Form can be accessed here.

Any questions regarding proposals may also be sent to

Good luck!

PLEASE NOTE: Students who are intending to present a workshop must be attendees of the conference and are required to pay the required registration fees.