Cliff Prang


Cliff Prang is a professional actor, comedian & amateur stay-at-home dad.

He has spent his life trying, failing, and looking stupid only to have to try all over again. Cliff is excited to share why and how he continues to keep going in spite of the inevitable risks. The Power of Looking Stupid is an interactive presentation that inspires cooperation, creativity and fearlessness.

Darren Blakeborough

Darren Blakeborough is an assistant professor of Media Studies at the University of the Fraser Valley and the author of “Old People are Useless: Representations of Aging on the Simpsons.” He specializes in popular culture, technology, and social gerontology. He often wonders how he ever gets anything accomplished considering how much television he watches.

Meredith Graham

Meredith Graham has overcome tremendous obstacles throughout her life. From running away from abuse to dealing with mental illness, she persevered and has become a positive influence for at-risk youth. Having graduated from Douglas College with a degree in Child and Youth Care and the recipient of the ‘Courage To Come Back’ award, Meredith wants to continue helping youth succeed by pushing through their barriers.